2016 Western Cape Climbing Events Calendar

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Please note the amended dates for 2016:


2016 Western Cape Climbing Calendar


16th February (Tuesday)                                -              Open Round of WC Open Boulder League

21st February (Sunday)                  -              Inter-Club Lead and Top Rope Competition

5th March (Saturday)                       -              WCC Provincial Boulder Youth Competition

16th-17th April (Sat & Sun)              -              National Bouldering Championships in KZN

23rd-24th April (Sat & Sun)             -              Cape Leopard’s Trust Camp

15th May (Sunday)                           -              Inter-Club Bouldering Competition

5th June (Sunday)                             -              Rock Tots Climbing Competition

25th June (Saturday)                        -              Youth Lead Selections in GAU (TBC)

25th-26th June                                     -              Youth Sport Climbing Camp Montagu

2nd-3rd July                                           -              Youth Boulder Camp Rocklands

21st August (Sunday)                      -              WCC Provincial Lead Climbing Open and Youth Competition

1st-2nd October                                  -              National Lead Climbing Competition in GAU

16th October (Sunday)                    -              Climbing Games

29th-30th October (Sat & Sun)      -              Olive Glen Youth Camp

7th-13th November                           -              IFSC World Youth Championship, Guangzhou, China

3rd December                                    -              Rock Masters (TBC)