How to Adopt a Club Constitution

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South African National Climbing Federation

How To adopt a Club constitution

15 January 2013


1.       Download the preferred Club  Constitution from the SANCF website –

2.       Download the resolution to adopt the Club constitution from the same website

3.       In the constitution look for all items marked in YELLOW and:

3.1.               Title page - Fill in the date and the name of the Club

3.2.               Clause 2.1. Fill in the name of the Club

3.3.               Remove all YELLOW and drafting Notes


4.       Arrange a meeting with the prospective members of your Club (individuals)

5.       Vote on whether to adopt the constitution

6.       If the motion is passed, request those empowered, to sign the club resolution. (Please note that although there are 10 spaces for founding members only 5 founding members are required at the start of the club. After 3 years however the provinces expect membership to grow to a minimum of 10.)

7.       Request the president to sign the constitution

8.       Send a copy of the signed resolution and constitution to your provincial body