Job Description - Boulder Judges

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 1. Before the Competition

·         Make sure you know the WCC rules on bouldering well, especially the scoring.

·         Make sure you are fully informed about the boulder you will judge (consult the Chief Route setter, WCC Judge/Jury president).

·         Learn the boulder by heart, so you can explain to the competitor where to start, where the bonus is and where the tophold is.

·         Check the availability of: large and small brushes, brushes on sticks, pieces of cloth etc.

·         If needed, make sure there is a ladder for cleaning holds which are difficult to clean with a brush on a stick.

·         Check that you have enough tapes ready to repair the start, bonus and tophold marks and black tape if there is a demarcation.

·         Always check that there are no gaps between the mats. If there are, take necessary action.



 2. During the Competition

·         Clean all holds at the beginning of each round. Clean holds before each competitor (if necessary). Clean holds whenever a competitor asks you to do so.

·         To judge a boulder you will need a score list with all the names of the competitors for that round (see example underneath).

·         Usually: the competitor will hand you his/her personal score card (see example underneath). The purpose of this card is to help the competitor to keep track of his/her results. The boulder judge of the last boulder keeps the personal score cards. The personal score cards are used to double check the result lists.

·         Inform each competitor (in English) about: the starting holds, the bonus hold, the top hold(s).

·         Mark ALL the attempts for the bonus/TOP on your score list. At the end of the rotation period or when the competitor tops the boulder, you can mark the final score (Example: bonus in 3 attempts, TOP in 5 attempts...) on your score list. Only after you have marked the final score on your score list, you can copy the score on the competitor's personal score card.

·         In the interest of the spectators, it is a common practice to raise your hand at the same time you say OK when a boulder is topped.

·         At the end of the rotation time or when the competitor has topped, you can show him/her where to go (i.e. the resting area...)

·         If a competitor wants to clean a hold himself/herself, allow the competitor to use only the official brushes or cloth.

·         Do not touch the holds neither with hands nor feet.

·         Do not spot the competitor. Never encourage a competitor.







T = TOP (1 or 0)

AT = number of attempts for TOP

B = bonus (1 or 0)

AB = number of attempts for bonus




  • It is now a common practice to mark each attempt with a vertical dash: “|”.
  • When the bonus is held, the vertical dash gets an horizontal dash in the middle: “┼”.
  • When the boulder is topped, the vertical dash gets an horizontal dash at the top: “T”.


  • Example: ││┼│T means bonus in the 3rd attempt, TOP in the 5th attempt.
  • Topping a boulder on-sight will then be marked as a T with an horizontal dash in the middle.