Job Description - Route Maintenance Team: Lead

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 1. Before the Competition

·         Check the equipment needed during cleaning: rope ascenders, prusik ropes, karabiners, gri-gri, quickdraws, slings.

·         Check your hold cleaning material: large and small brushes (secured by strings to your harness).

·         Confirm the best way (rappel or top-rope) for cleaning with the routesetters.

·         Also foresee a ladder for simultaneously cleaning the route from below.

·         Check timetable for timing of route cleaning.

·         Check that you have black and blue tapes ready to repair a demarcation or a blue cross.

·         Consult the Chief Routesetter and make sure you are fully informed.



 2. During the Competition

·         Observe the highest reached hold (cleaning higher is unnecessary).

·         Prepare for cleaning on time.

·         Try to work fast and clean, respecting safety.

·         Do not touch the holds unnecessary, neither with hands nor feet.

·         Inform the WCC Judge and the isolation zone steward when the cleaning is finished.

·         Be on standby during the competition with your working material ready for use (i.e. in case of a technical incident, etc.).