MCSA 2016 Montagu Lead Climbing Youth Camp

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The Montagu Lead Climbing Youth Camp was held over the weekend of the 24th to 26th June 2016 at De Bos Guest Farm, Montagu. Sixteen children and five parents attended. Western Cape Climbing climbers were invited and many attended.

The weekend was filled with great climbing, good laughs and some great climbing. We had a number of firsts this weekend:

• First climb outdoors
• First lead outdoors
• First cleaning outdoors
• First clipping of own draws outdoors

We had some amazing climbs as well, namely:
1. John Adams sent Buongiorno Bambino (21) on lead
2. Georgi Dorward sent the 19 at Legoland on Lead
3. Sarah Adams led her first route and cleaned it at Legoland (Mild Thing)
4. Griffin Stone led the very adventurous 14 at The Steeple (first time clipping in his own draws)
5. Jared Rodrigues set up the draws on Gospel Express (18) amidst some visiting baboons
6. Colette Rodrigues put up her own draws and learned to clean for the first time
7. Jesse Rodrigues put up her own draws and learned to clean for the first time
8. Matthew Collier-Reed put up his own draws and learned to clean for the first time
9. Luke Eberhard may have discovered a new line at Legoland
10. Tom van Sittert traversed the whole base of Legoland Crag from one end to the other and back again
11. Rumano Titus and Monique Smit led their first routes outdoors (first time on real rock)
12. First time outdoors on real rock for Matthew Fortgens

The rest of the weekend presented us with amazing weather to enjoy our itinerary below.

Friday 24th June:
03:00pm – All depart Cape Town for Montagu
05:30pm – Arrive at De Bos Campsite in Montagu 
06:00pm – Set up tents and unpack
06:30pm – Prepare Dinner

Saturday 25th June:
07:30am – Breakfast 
08:30am – Drive to Legoland where kids can find a project to work for the day/morning
05:30pm – Drive back to De Bos and prepare fire
06:30pm – Braai for Dinner

Sunday 26th June:
07:30am – Breakfast 
08:30am – Group split to the Steeple and Bosch Crag 
12:30pm – Return to De Bos for lunch and to pack up
02:30pm – Depart De Bos and drive back to Cape Town
05:30pm – Arrive in Cape Town