MCSA and WCC Olive Glen Hiking and Climbing Youth Camp 2016

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Olive Glen Youth Camp: 29 and 30 October 2016


The Olive Glen Youth Camp was held over the weekend of the 29th and 30th October 2016 at Olive Glen Farm in Paarl-Wellington.  Twenty-one children, sixteen parents and two Supervisors attended.  We were looked after by the amazing Eckhardt Conradie, our guide for the weekend.  Most of the kids who attended the camp are Western Cape Climbing Members. The camp was run and organised by WCC Secretary, Treasurer, Head of Coaching and Clubs Liaison Delaney Carpenter, who is also the MCSA Cape Town Youth Section Convenor.  She was assisted by a MCSA Member and Top Out Climbing Club Coach, Caleb Ashley Cooper.


Everyone arrived at the camp at 9am Saturday morning, unpacked and prepared for the upcoming hike.  Eckhardt took us up the mountain where we followed the river all the way up under a canopy of trees.  He showed us some basic rope work for kloofing, gave us a brief map and compass reading tutorial and finished by providing us with some safety tips in the mountains. 


We had lunch alongside the river up on the mountain before starting our descent to the camp.


That night, the group had a good ol’ South African braai followed by a star and astronomy talk by Eckhardt.  And then it was off to bed for everyone in their tents.


Sunday morning, everyone woke fresh and ready to head to Paarl Rock to do some granite climbing.  While some of the group preferred to do some lead and top rope climbing on Belly Button slab, others followed their guide down to the Paarl bouldering field.


After a very busy morning, some of us headed back to Olive Glen to pack up before heading back home that afternoon, while others left straight from Paarl Rock.


Sends of the Weekend:

Top Rope:

·         Ralton Rhode (WCC)

·         Kyla Feldtman (WCC)

·         Gianna Goodman-Bhyat (WCC)

·         Oliver Ashwell

·         Sienna Walder-Fortin (WCC)

·         Monique Smit (WCC)

·         Sinilizwe Mtshobile (WCC)

·         Rumano Titus (WCC)

·         Quincy Roeland (WCC)



·         Jared Rodrigues (WCC)

·         Matt Ashwell

·         Nicholas Allan (WCC)

·         Georgiana Dorward (WCC)

·         Sarah Adams (WCC)

·         John Adams (multi-pitch lead and top rope on Sands of Time) (WCC)



·         Finchie Lapin (WCC)

·         Nicholas Allan (WCC)

·         Tom van Sittert (WCC)

·         Jared Rodrigues (WCC)

·         Georgi Dorward (WCC)

·         Matt Ashwell



Photos can be viewed at the following link: