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Welcome to the South African National Climbing Federation (SANCF)


The SANCF is the official representative of the continent of Africa recognised by the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC). The IFSC is recognised by the I.O.C and in 2013 will be represented as a sport at the 2nd CISM World Winter Games "Annecy-Chamonix 2013" This is fantastic news for all our climbers as the opportunity to represent one’s country at the highest level has now become reality and the Olympics in 2020?


The SANCF is represented across five of the nine provinces and serious in-roads have been made into the other provinces so as to “spread the word”. As a fledgling sport, it is administered by elected sport administrators and a dedicated group of Volunteers who together with the various Climbing Gym owners, tertiary educators and school sports masters and committed climbers are paving the way for introducing the required IFSC rules and regulations developing more and more competitions. It is a duly constituted body, has applied to be a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) and has met with SASCOC representatives to apply for membership.


In the past, a number of hard working climbers and Volunteers in South Africa have worked towards providing the SA climbing community with the opportunities associated with competition sport climbing in a fair and equitable manner. Indoor events such as the SANCF and Provincial Member Regional and National Events regularly take place and as a result of these competitions, the standards have “climbed” steadily. The Regional leagues have been well contested and the numbers of participating climbers have increased across all categories. With the recently added new categories, Adult Novices and Veterans National Bouldering Leagues, this has added an important, previously missing group of climbers. These together with the Durban and Cape Bouldering Comps and the various Youth and Schools Leagues indicate we are on the right track.


There are many outdoor competitions available to the SA climbers such as the Roc Rally in Boven, Montagu Rock Rally, The Rory, and The Rock and Road Trip for the indoor Sport Climber to compete outdoors.


Additionally a big thank you to the likes of Neil Margetts, Marijus Šmigelskis, Eric Reimann, Andrew Pedley, Greg Borman, Gustav and Alex Janse van Rensburg, Dave Drummond, Scott Sinclair, Joffrey Hyman, Ian Lewis, Menoli Gounden, Alison Lotter, Gerald Camp, Brett Nicolson, Jeanette Fuchs, Patrick and Sandy Black, Jackie Stainton, Dylan and Lydia Salt, Shaun Hope, Derek Marshall, Illona Pelser, Candice Bagley, Paul Bruyere, and many, many, others who know who they are. Without their commitment, dedication and perseverance, we would not be going in the positive direction that we are.

Finally, the SANCF is committed to attracting Commercial Partners and Sponsors so as to develop the sport throughout South Africa with a specific Development Portfolio being created to ensure that where possible, all areas and communities are introduced to the fantastic sport.


We thank the various SANCF Sponsors, Ram Mountaineering, Vertigo Gear, Southern Sun, Drifters, Trappers Trading, Cape Union Mart and Sport Unplugged whose generous support over the recent years has made the difference.

Join the SANCF and be a part of the future of South African Indoor Sport Climbing.


George Stainton

SANCF President